Five Elevated Trends In Kitchen Renovations

Posted on: 2 May 2022

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to renovate in your home. As a living space, it's one of the most used. With proper planning, you can make your kitchen design work for you and your family. If you are thinking about doing a kitchen renovation in 2021, here are five trends to consider.

1. Elevated Trends In Kitchen Renovations: Colour

Kitchens used to be all about neutral tones. Over the past few years, however, more and more people have been using colour to personalise their kitchens. For example, blue is a great colour for creating a calm stance in your kitchen and red can help energise guests at parties. You may also want to consider painting your cabinets or installing tiles with bold colours or patterns as well!

2. Elevated Trends In Kitchen Renovations: Open Shelving

Many homeowners are now choosing open shelving instead of upper cabinets in their kitchens. This helps create an airy look while also giving people easy access to anything they need. It's perfect for those who cook frequently or who like hosting parties.

3. Elevated Trends In Kitchen Renovations: Hidden Fixtures

Another trend that many homeowners are opting for when they renovate their kitchen is hiding things like sinks and appliances away. This helps keep the countertops clean and clutter-free while still keeping full functionality in your kitchen.

4. Elevated Trends In Kitchen Renovations: Built-in Coffee Makers

For the true caffeine junkie, there's nothing more satisfying than brewing a fresh pot of coffee from scratch. And now, you can leave the drip machine in your bedroom closet and get a built-in coffee maker installed in your kitchen. This may be costly upfront, but if you do it for the love of the brew and have a "coffee budget" every month, this could be just what your kitchen needs to level up.

5. Elevated Trends In Kitchen Renovations: Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are all the rage right now, and these appliances can do more than just keep your food cold and fresh until you're ready to eat it. You can get notifications on your phone if your fridge door is left open too long or too often, or if you're running low on something specific (like eggs or butter). They are also great for making grocery lists and playing music while you cook.

If you're considering selling your home or just want to update it to modern standards, these ideas can elevate your kitchen renovations. For more information and ideas for your kitchen renovations, chat with a friendly member of the team today.

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