Why Custom Made Furniture Is The Right Choice For Your New Home

Posted on: 22 October 2015

Furnishing your brand new home can be a difficult task. You will need to do justice to the architect's vision, yet have furniture that is practical, comfortable, and to your taste. Finding furniture in furniture stores that meet all of these criteria can be difficult. That's why having your furniture designed and made by a custom furniture maker like Dream Design Furniture & Upholstery makes a lot of sense.

Your furniture will be unique

Buying custom made furniture will mean that your table, desk, or bed is a bespoke and unique piece of furniture. There is something very appealing about this thought when you look at a furniture market that is flooded with mass-produced items that all resemble each other.

A custom piece of furniture also means that you are in complete control of the dimensions of the item. This means your furniture will fit perfectly into the space that it's designed for and you won't end up with rooms that feel cluttered or half empty.

You know your furniture is sustainable

When you commission a furniture maker to build you custom pieces, you can be assured that the materials they use come from sustainable sources, using local materials where possible. If you want to, you can also request that the furniture maker also utilises as much recycled material as possible. Recycled timber is a popular choice and looks incredible as well as being sustainable.

You are supporting local business and artisans

In the age of mass production and corporations, it's becoming increasingly difficult for small local businesses to thrive. Buying custom made furniture is a way of directly injecting money back into your local economy and helping small businesses provide for their families.

Many of the skills involved in producing custom furniture are becoming lost arts, as machinery and factories take over the manufacturing process. Supporting local artisans helps to keep these valuable skills alive in the community.

You are buying a family heirloom

We live in an increasingly throwaway society. Many things we buy are not designed to last and will need to be replaced after a short period of time. This is certainly true of much of the mass produced furniture available in stores.

Custom made furniture is also good quality furniture and is built to last. It may cost you more initially, but it will last you for many years and may even be passed down to the next generation.

Buying mass produced furniture usually means you'll have to compromise on size, style, or quality. By commissioning custom pieces of furniture, you can have all of these things without compromise.