How To Scope Out The Best Desk For Your Office

Posted on: 15 March 2021

Office desks are an integral part of your work furniture and one that you should take some time choosing. After all, you will likely sit at your desk for many hours every day, which means you might as well enjoy its presence and not dread going to work. But what makes a good office desk as opposed to a bad one? You probably have some idea of what you like about a desk, but it is important to be reminded of what to look for in your traditional office desk. Here are three things you should really want in modern desks.

Covered Legroom

There is no right or wrong way to sit in an office chair, as long as you are comfortable. The only problem can be sometimes your sitting stance leaves your legs in an awkward position. They can be spread-eagled, cramped up, pushed to one side or whatever else you can imagine. Having a covered legroom area means that you will always maintain a professional look even when you aren't really thinking about it. This can be very important for unscheduled visits by coworkers or even your boss. While simple office desks without any enclosing wall or trim can be tempting, they are not as professional or private as the alternative.

Dual Monitor Stand Space

Many people in a business environment will utilise two monitors and therefore try and connect them in a more organised fashion with a dual monitor stand. Some desks are not specifically built with dual monitor stands in mind, and either have something in the way or are too thin (despite being very strong) for the stand to clamp on. If you are considering using a dual monitor stand, or already do, then make sure the back of your desk has a wide enough angle and enough room for the stand to fit in comfortably. 


Storage can be a tricky balance to achieve on modern desks. Gone is the need for huge chests of drawers keeping thousands of pages of documents, as most of that is now on your computer. Still, you do need at least a few drawers for emergency situations and storage of important thumb drives and plans. Always test the different desks you look at to see how easily the drawers slide in and out, as if they are already a bit stiff then they will only get worse. Also, check that the drawer is not in an uncomfortable position such as right in the middle of the desk, as this will be very uncomfortable on long days where you are forced to sit a bit lower down in your seat so as not to crush your lap. 

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