Why You Should Always Call a Professional Furniture Removalist When Moving

Posted on: 20 June 2016

When you're planning a move, you may assume you can call a friend with a van, just rent a truck yourself and handle the move on your own, or find some fly-by-night company online that's cheap but without a good reputation. While you're certainly free to manage your move however it works best for you, note a few reasons why it's almost always a better option to call a professional furniture removalist when moving.


Trying to hire a fly-by-night company to manage your removals can mean risking that they won't even show up for your move. Companies that you find in the classified ads, meaning those that aren't actually professional removalists, might be very unreliable. This can leave you with a move you must get done on a particular day but with no vehicle and no help. To avoid this hassle, it's good to work with a removalist with a good reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

Accessories available

A professional removalist may have accessories available that will make moving easier for you; these might include pet carriers for your cat or dog, storage containers you can use for moving boxes you've packed before your move, and blankets you can use to put between items as they're loaded onto a truck. These types of items can ensure the safety of your goods and also make it easier to pack things properly, but aren't usually provided by unprofessional companies or your friends during a move.

Breakdown and setup of entertainment consoles and computer equipment

Do you know how to dismantle and then reassemble your entertainment center and computer system? All those cords and wires can be very confusing, and if you don't pack them properly and then reassemble them properly, your entertainment accessories and computer equipment might not work and may even get damaged due to crossed wires and electrical surges. Many furniture removalist companies will manage this work for you so you're sure to have these components in good working order when you arrive at your new home.

Specialty furniture

Don't assume that a friend or even someone you find online will be able to manage pianos, oversized couches, heavy-duty tools, and other such items when you move. These may need specialty work; they may need to be broken down and packed in a special way and care might be needed when being transported and unpacked. If you have any type of specialty pieces beyond your everyday furniture and household items, you don't want to entrust their care to just anyone, not even yourself, but only to those with experience in moving these items safely.